6th August 09
16mins drive from Newcastle

Hadrian’s Wall is the most significant Roman monument in Britain, was constructed in 122 AD. The extent of Hadrian’s Wall was 117 kilometres, spanning the width of Britain
The wall was constructed primarily to prevent unwanted immigration from the north, not as a fighting line for a major invasion.

We drove past Denton Hall Turret, this was the remains of a building and 65metre wall remains, the GPS navigated us incorrectly PAST it rather than TO it! We couldn’t find how to get back to it!

So we drove to Heddon-on-the-wall where we had lunch right beside Hadrians wall along the motorway, how amazing… Hadrians Wall was constructed in 122AD and spans 117kms across England. It was mainly constructed to prevent unwanted immigration from the north, we couldn’t believe that we were having lunch right next to HISTORY!! So many battles must have occurred right where we were sitting. This was the longest section of unbroken wall that remains. We had our sandwiches and chips, then drove to some back streets and had a look at the view from the town of the english countryside.

Elton driving! he was so excited to drive in England and on the wrong side of the road! He is used to manual and auto (which is so much easier!) was difficult for him in the beginning, but he got used to it quickly… but I will never forget the time right outside Heddon-on-the-wall we were supposed to turn left and he forgot where the brake was and missed it but then with his left leg pushed really hard onto the brake and the car behind us nearly ran into the back of our car!!