6th August 09
County Durham
North East England
1 hour 29 mins from York

We drove to Durham which was a cute little town which can be traced back to AD995. It is surrounded by the River Wear and comprising of mainly the Cathedral and Castle and surrounded by old and quaint buildings of the tiny town of Durham. We really liked this place, there were many hidden and secret passage ways which we walked through, it felt like such a medieval city.

One of the many bridges over the River Wear
One of the main squares, very crowded.. this town was touristy but yet so cute!
Another little alleyway, Elton loved them!
One of the cute little back alleys, it was so narrow!
Durham Cathedral

Durham Cathedral (also known as The Cathedral Church of Christ, Blessed Mary the Virgin and St Cuthbert of Durham) The present Cathedral was founded in AD1093. It is of Norman Architecture and has an amazing position overlooking the River Wear.

Durham Castle, originally built in the 11th c is a Norman castle that is known to have protected against the Scots and is the only Norman Castle in the UK to never have suffered a breach! Very interesting! We were so annoyed that it was closed and couldn’t go in, there seemed to be some sort of celebration of festival being held.

The inside of the Norman Cathedral – so magnificent, I loved it! def one of the better Cathedrals I have seen so far

Im glad we went to Durham, I found it while searching online and loved it!