6th August 09
1 night stay in York

Love York!

Today we woke up very early. As always, Elton had a great night sleep! I don’t blame him because it actually was a very comfortable bed. We were woken up early at 8am by the hostel owner because Jazz had parked the car right in front of the neighbours garage so when the poor guy wanted to leave to go to work… our car was blocking the way! Jazz was told off and had to move the car quickly… Jazz felt bad and apologised many times! (I think the hostel owner is going to make a sign to hang on the garage door now “NO PARKING!”

York is in Yorkshire and has 2 rivers running through the city, the Rivers Ous and Foss. The city was originally names Eborakon by pre-roman Britons and was then renamed Eboracum in 71 AD by the Romans.

At one stage it was the capital on the Kingdom of Northumbria before being captured by the Vikings in 866 AD. The name YORK was first used in the 13th c. and was a major wool trading centre.

York Minster and other surrounding buildings

We walked towards the York Minster (full name Cathedral and Metropolitan Church of St Peter) which is a gothic cathedral and is 2nd largest of its kind in Northern Europe. It was constructed in 13th c. The first structure on this land was created in 627 and was built to provide a place to baptize Edwin, King of Northumbria and was made of wood. The present cathedral began to be built in the 12th c.

The old town streets are so quaint and filled with amazing buildings!

We walked towards York Castle where remains the motte of the 13-14th c. castle fortifications. There has been a castle at this location since 1068 as requested to be built by William the Conqueror. York was a walled city and to this day you can walk around the remaining walls of the old town with beautiful views! We didn’t have much time to do this which was a shame.

After walking back to our car through the little narrow old town streets we left York (but not after getting stuck in some traffic along the way!)