6th August 09
13mins from Warkworth Castle

We drove along the beautiful coastal route towards Alnwick Castle. This is a beautiful castle surrounded by a large park. At this stage it was getting late so we parked the car in a nearby carpark, we paid for a ticket and THEN realised that it was free after 6pm!! No wonder the man who walked past us gave us a funny look, we were so annoyed because we had spent so much money on parking tickets since the beginning of this holiday! grrrr

Alnwick Castle was built after the Norman conquest and renovated and remodelled a few times. The baron of Alnwick first started the building of this castle in 1096, it was built mainly to protect the northern border against Scottish invasion. Alnwick castle has been in a few movies including Robin Hood Prince of Theives, Harry Potter and Black Adder series to name a few.

gorgeous sunset!
After taking some photos we walked the streets of Alnwick town which was very small and cute little place, the buildings were mainly made from sandstone and it was so peaceful!