Rating: 2 out of 5.

Royal Hotel is one of a couple pubs in Springwood, had basic cheap accommodation and with free parking it’s worth staying over. It’s on the main road right near all the shops and the train line across the road

We had a music gig on at the actual hotel so was easy and best option to stay here

You can’t miss the Royal Hotel as soon as you turn off the main highway, pub and dining area downstairs
The friendly local pub with a lot of tradies hanging around – nice easy going vibe

The dining and dancing area where the band was playing

We walked up from the parking to the accommodation area at the top of the building – there was a lounge room area, very basic
A shared kitchen near the rooms
This was the front entrance from the main road, had a little balcony facing the Springwood train station
Our twin room, the right side of the building looks over the pubs roof so not much views
The toilet, clean and spacious enough
Basic toiletries included
9 rooms available only at the hotel