Rating: 3 out of 5.

Checking in was easy online

Checking in at the airport was a little harder – the check in machine didnt work, it first didnt scan one of our passports, then when it did, it only pricnted out the tickets and didnt spit out the baggage tags, so had to wait another 20mins to get the attendant to print it out instead – wasnt too bad an experience

Stayed at a hotel nearby as had to be at the airport at 4:45am – the airport was empty when we went in, but once we got to Qantas and Air NZ, it was BUSY!

The plane was full to the brim, we were row 15D & E had a windo seat and a middle

The weather was wet wet wet as we were leaving

The Air hostesses were not friendly at all, we were surpirsed about that actually since everyone in NZ we met on our trip was ultra nice and approachable

I preordered the vegan option so got that before the food cart came out – it was quite nice a meal! Chickpeas and mushrooms with boiled spinach and potatoes. a vegan muffin and fruit for dessert – very contect and happy with the meal

Entertainment system was awesome – it was a new system that was touch screen and really easy and fast to use

Flying above the clouds is always beautiful