It was a beautiful sunny day today and we got up early had breakfast at our hotel and left for the trail


Lake Roxburgh Village is just five kilometres upstream from Roxburgh township, just below the impressive Roxburgh Hydro Dam.  Once occupied by the dam’s maintenance workers, the houses are now in private ownership.  Remnants of the main hydro construction village – now the Lost Village – can be found on the eastern side of the river, accessed by foot from the Commissioner’s Track.  Accommodation, coffee and meals are available at the village’s licensed lodge.

Roxburgh Gorge Dam was impressive


Breakfast stop was in Alexandra, a small little town

We had breakfast at Alexandra at this cute goose cafe – great coffees here too

A good coffee with a small salad

Old vs New

These bike paths are fantastic! Some parts turn back on themselves but its a lot of fun
The beautiful water colour is always there to greet us!
Some parts of the farmland today looked dry and arid, mainly wild thyme growing all over and a few cows and sheep – all these parts are privately owned by farmers
The gold mining area was booming here! Many chinese were here as well to find wealth
The unique rock formations
A unique toilet stop on the track


We had an awesome jetboat ride at 12:30 which took us around Lake Roxburgh and our awesome driver, Laurence, showed us some of the gold digging day remains back from the hey day

Part of the reason why we had to jetboat is that some farms are provate and the farmers didnt want a cycle lane built on their lands
Laurence got our bikes all tied up at the back of the jetboat
An old ruin left over from the mining days
Its my heaven here! Wild cherry trees everywhere! ❤️
The colours look so beautiful all together

Checking out our location while sitting in the bathtub!

Cool trees to ride through

The scenery was so beautiful today

The trail we were on taken from other side (on the bus back to QT on last day)