Rating: 4 out of 5.



The Castle Hotel at Taunton is a hotel with two restaurants, Castle Bow Restaurant and BRAZZ, located in the centre of Taunton

The Hotel is located in a Grade II listed 18th-century reconstruction of the former 12th-century Norman fortress

There is the Military Museum and the castle which is basically in the same area as the hotel and the grounds are connected so you can venture out into the Norman gardens at the back of the castle and wonder into the grounds of the museum and castle (it was closed when I went but you could still walk aorund the courtyard which was nice)

Parking is an extra 10 pounds but its worth doing this as parking is really bad to find in the area as its smack bang in the city centre – I kept my car there for a couple hours after checking out so that shouldnt be a problem if you are wanting to explore the town

There are 44 unique and individual rooms in the castle

A nice spacious room elegantly decorated with all the basics

Had its own little personal hallway leading into the bedroom and off to the side is the bathroom

The bathroom, nice modern and clean

The complimentary toiletries

The view from my window was out to the car park and a couple of pubs and restaurants in the square

The foyer as you step inside the turning doors

They had displayed some interesting historical items, this was a part of the original ancient brickwork 1300AD

The dining room was so elegantly laid out, felt like joining the party!

Up a level, every level had its own little sitting area and exploring you would find other little rooms

The castle was 3 levels and I loved the red carpets and the dark interiors which really did make you feel you were living in a castle

They also host weddings here

I had breakfast included in my stay and the breakfast was at one of their resstaurants just behind the castle in a modern area

It was a continental style breakfast with good choices of everything english breakfasty – good coffee!

All in all, the staff are lovely and the hotel itself is unique and different – a quiet and nice accommodation to stay in, if you have the extra cash that is, as its quite expensive