The day started off a bit drizzly and it had rained over night so was expecting horrible weather, BUT my first stop I had my 89 umbrellas out ready for it but I didnt end up using it at all and the sun came out as well as the blue skies…

OMG so, Cornish tiny lane ways right? – there seem to be a lot more here than in the other counties ive been through so far, and a group of us got stuck for about 20mins on one of the country lane ways, we just sat there… the car in front of me was letting the other cars go, (which was good as we werent going to move anywhere) im sitting there thinking, ok, if im stuck here over night at least its not just me! some stupid impatient driver behind me decided to not use their brain and overtook me and the guy in front of me as well and next thing you know I hear beeping up front around the bend! The lady behind me was loudly laughing and cackling hanging out the window trying to look ahead (I don’t think she had all her teeth) the others behind seemed to be getting restless, anyways, after a while a huge dirty landrover passes by really slowly followed by a herd of other cars, I wind down my window and smile and wave and a ginger headed guy with a ginger beard looks over and says “HIYA” sheepishly as he passes by in slow motion, and towing behind his car is a huge trolley thing full of hay! Finally we get by and the street ahead was even tinier than the one we were stuck on! I have no idea how Mr. ginger got through!… anyways that was a hoot! And the funny thing is, the speed limit on these roads is 60mph but I don’t think anyone even gets to a 1/3rd of that!


A – Carylon Bay – Resort & Spa
B – CHARLESTOWN – Cornwall
C – MEVAGISSY – Cornwall
D – TRURO – Cornwall


Had a nice breakfast at the hotel, there were too many snooty people there though and tbh the staff did not look like they wanted to be there, they were friendly but not genuine, just my observations! I def prefer the quaint little pubs and unique places, but every now and again a posh accom is nice too – left At 9am to be able to fit in as much as I could today as I had quite a few seaside villages I wanted to see

Breakfast with a view of the bay



The roads were so quiet! Since ive been here ive noticed anytime before 10am its real quiet and when i got to Charlestown carpark (which was huge) it was all crickets chriping! No one was there! It was great.. so paid my £1 and walked around this tiny village – didnt take me long at all as its literally the old harbour to see

Not sure if you know about this film but the brits do, Poldark was filmed here – the original georgian buildings and fishermens hutsare basically still intact and used to this day!

I felt like I was on a movie scene! the port was constructed between 1791 and 1801 by Charles Rashleigh to export copper from local mines
Huge car park right in the centre – empty! Everyone is still asleep down south at 9am 🤣

Charlestown was previously named Polmear meaning “great cove” it was a tiny fishing village with a few cottages and around 9 fishermen and their families in 1790 – it was named Charlestown after Charles Rashleigh built the harbour and bigger settlement in 1799

This port was very prosperous until the outbreak of the great war, mainly because of the export of china clay which is Cornwalls “white gold” the only thing is that the port is just too small for the larger boats so the last time it was used to export was in the year 2000

The best preserved china clay and copper Georgian port in the world, nearly all buildings are listed Grade II


Arrive 10:05am – park at Priory car park – lots of ppl around here!

St Austell was a medieval market town in the middle ages with population of a couple of hundred and was the main market area for south east cornwall and at present is the largest town in cornwall with population of around 22,000

6min drive from Charlestown
A very quiet and relaxed town and High Street
Holy Trinity Parish Church – beautofil stained glass windows here! and old original artwork – built in 15th c.
The Hgh Street loking towards the Parish Church
My first vegan cornish pasty! Love how UK really cater for vegans

Just wanted to add in here so I dont forget the wierd name, passed by a village called “London Apprentice”


Mevagissey 11:30 arrive 12:30 leave and omg! As soon as I drove into this narrow street tiny town I knew it was going to be a beauty!

Its a tiny fishing port and has a population of only 4,400 or so

Driving through this town was really narrow, they had a one way system going on and the road was shared with pedestrians who dont really car about cars or give way to them so it took me a while to get through this town and back on the road again…

11mins drive from st austell
Mevagissey has a thriving fishing industry with a lot of seafood restaurants along the port
The fountain Inn – oldest pub in Mevagissey
Had a wonder around the little fihsing huts and houses along the cliffs
A definite fishing feel to this village! They say that this village dates back to Bronze Age
Love the bright colours of the boats and the buildings, the water was clear and clean
Like literally, everyone has dogs! I guess its very social of them, they have to mingle and talk to others!
The colours just pop! I loved exploring this village


Had a quick look at this village as I passed by, easy to park, heaps of places along the High St

The interesting thing about this town was that once it was once a port but clay mining upriver in St Austell has caused the river to become silted over – population is around 800 ppl

Tregony Congregational church – a tiny little one street town



A bustling town! Tried to first park in the Aldi carpark but was only 30mins and customers only, then headed over to Tesco carpark, you had to spend 5pounds and parking was free for 2 hours, so that would do perfectly!

Population of around 19,000 ppl

Truro is a Cathedral city – this cathedral is a fairly modern one compared to others as it was built in 1880 and completed in 1910 in gothic revival style (random fact… one of 3 cathedrals in UK with 3 spires)
Truro Cathedral – it was closed as they were setting up for a graduation, snuck in though
The High St was really busy, I found this little lane way towards the Cathedral out of the High st – heaps of shopping places here
Low tide not so good for this cafe?



A fishing village and port in the Cornwall AONB(Area of outstanding beauty) – the name Portreath means Sandy Cove

All these cornish sea side port villages are harder to get to! They have steep decents down – I found street parking before getting to the parking as it was getting narrow, good thing as the view was really good from the hill walking down to the village

A more modern little village with modern looking houses
Some modern looking houses
An interesting jut of rock sticking out of the water
Low tide!
POrtreath inner harbour at low tide



A small village along the coast nearby to Portreath, its really popular in summer for the large beach area



St Agnes was known for its copper mining, tin and arsenic until the 1920s

Surfers dotting the waves
St Agnes beach under the setting sun ❤️


Made it to my accomodation in Newquay with enough time to relax and take in the sunset with a blood orange gin and soda

View from my hotel – Great Western Newquay
Sunset at Newquay

An interesting older man dressed from head to foot in 80s was carrying a boombox around blaring out the 80s hit Taylor Dayne “Tell it to my heart” had these huge dark glasses on, looked over at me, smiled and he had these brown teeth, I smiled back and he bopped on off… interesting!