June 2022
7 days Melbourne explore

I really love Melbourne CBD, it reminds me of Europe and its easy to get around, flat, easy grid layout and everything i close together. The laneways and alleys are creative and clean and there is a lot to do and see, very cultural and beautiful old school buildings with history

The laneways and alleys are so creative and fun to explore
Many arcades in the CBD which has beautoful hisotry and detailed creativity
Old school mixed with modern office buildings
Highrises in the background and in foreground there is always some sort of bar / pub or cafe in a random back alley!
Degraves St, a really cool cafe / restaurant alley way which is always busy no matter what time of the day it was
Free trams run through the whole CDB
Many cute churches around which were nice to explore
Random restaurant with silver campervan thingys on the roof
Some of the beautiful old buildings
coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee… its like a drug for us aussies, espec the melbournites, they LOVE their coffee!
Garden State Hotels colourful interior
Love the fun mix of old and new buildings
Shopping galore in certain areas
Random quiert streets with awesome intricate creative paintings
Funky wedding cars
The view across the road from my accom, love these old buildings
They make use of every space! a bar called Chuckle Park – really eccentric and cool!
And an older original historic building which is an english style pub which has the feel of an old pub in the UK
Cool city scape
Back alleys where you can find a little cafe or pub on its own randomly sitting there yet full as!
Southern Cross station

Just some of the pubs visited on this trip:

Pony fish

Arbory afloat

Palace george

Prince of wales

Esplande hotel

Captain baxter – sat ourside looming at the beach

The bottoms end

Saint and rogue

Royal melbourne hotel (old jail cells)

Ormond House

Goldilocks – vee and y

Storyville – vee and y

Fad gallery bar – vee and y