Space Q Capsule Hotel

I wanted to try this place out as its new and I have already stayed at the Capsule Hotel a while back and I really enjoyed it!

When I stayed here I only paid $30 for the night! such a bargain.

1st glimpse of my bed for the night
lying back and relaxing
Hostel style rooms with 10 beds in my room – I chose the top bunk as I always love the top!

It basically is a hostel, so I wouldnt call it a hotel as you can hear and feel when others are in the room

the entrance from the side, pretty big door way and the space is actually quite large but still not good for caustrophobics!
Cool lockers that can fit small luggage
Laundry room on the top floor
The floor I was on was for girls only so womens bathroom only on this floor
Bathrooms were very clean and 3 showers on the one floor
My luggage just fit in my locker
The entrance on George St
The common room plenty of space and books to check out if bored
The shared kitchen and fridge
Love checking out the map of the hotel
There was a blue light which was the ceiling light, def gives it a spaceship feel!

I liked my experience here! couldnt stay for a week but it was fun and it was my own little space, nice place to just chill read and relax and cheap as so I would recommend it but I know a lot of my friends would def not appreciate it as I did