Easter Long weekend 2021

Just a small stash of pics of the easter longweekend in Melbourne, so many lane ways and back streets that we explored and many more to see! Need to go back to Melb regularly to discover the city and surrounding areas

Melbourne is an exciting, hip, cultural and very much alive city, its up there with being one of the most interesting places in Australia! Im afraid to say that since Sydney started its lock down that in my eyes, Melbourne has now taken over as the most cultural and fun city in Australia – there are just so many more bars, pubs, night clubs, restaurants mainly in the CBD area and its just really hip and happening in Melbourne… but then again, its like art and is subjective I guess? 🙂 each to their own

The mist had settled into the low areas around the hills in the Royal National Park! So amazing looking down from above
Streaks left over by planes flying the same route… these went on for a while
Wake Up Cafe – Our first coffee in Melbourne!
Breakkie of avo on toast
And exploring the city!
The back streets are really hip and cool and I love the old buildings which are run down but still cool to explore, the streets are all really clean and arty
Refreshment time! On good friday finally found an open pub! 3 drinks later and a basketball game…
Really awesome buildings are scattered all around the CBD
Found a cocktail and shisha bar! Undergound dingy looking but it was so cool I couldnt say no
Night time exploring, love this city, always something to see full of colours!
Have a meal at the awesome french Bistro D’orsay – really tasty food! Great service
Shopping time! Best place to shop…
This time tried some italian food, this was really yummy vegan raviolli cooked with fresh baby tomatoes, so good!
Our new friend Lawrence (who we met at Bistro D’orsay) absolutely hilarious on stage as well as off… we went pub crawling with him and another of his friends the night before after one of his shows, typical comedian humour trying to shock as much as they can! Lol 🤣
Lawrence himself organised for us to attend his gig, and we nabbed seats right at the front row! Really funny guy with a quirky sense of humour which we loved
Pub crawl the night of the show, an interesting bar in the back
A cocktail made with rum and absinth, created by the bar guy himself, interesting taste! Wouldnt be to everyone liking though!
Love the grafitti in melbourne CBD
Found this gem of a wine bar called “Movida” wow! Great food and fantastic wine! Stayed here for hours
With Tapas style food, every dish was beautiful
Quite a few churches around the CBD which I love against the modern background of the other buildings
Back at our accom, love the view out of our apartment, the sunset creating sparkling against the windows
Nighttime exploring after a massive dumplings meal!
Mix of old and modern, reminds me of london a bit..
Melbourne back streets, clean and funky

Had an awesome time exploring the city and will def be back to find some of those hidden bars and pubs and try out some more restaurants, there is so much choice here and I feel like there is much more to see and do in Melbourne