Surry Hills is a pretty cool area of Sydney and has an awesome history dating back to the first fleet arriving in 1788 at Sydney Cove. The wealthy settlers spread out to the outer areas, Surry Hills being one of them, but after a while the wealthy began moving further out as the working class started to take over the area & Surry Hills became very crowded by the beginning of the 1800’s

Its interesting when walking around to think that this area was so much more crowded back then than it is now full of migrants and different nationalities crammed into the narrow streets and lanes

I love walking around here and ive done a few walking tours on my own, there are some really interesting areas with some historical plaques scattered around, I suggest to do a walking tour around here one day if you can!

The below are the pubs we visited and had a drink at, I did miss one because I dont even know what it was called! It was LITERALLY a door in the wall with no sign, its like the secret pubs thats very popular in London

Brix Brewery
Beresford Hotel
Pizza Fritta (pit stop eatery)
The Forresters
Excelsior Hotel / El Loco
Keg & Brew
Chicken Institute
The Clock Hotel
The Bank

Brix Brewery

A pretty cool and funky distillery which is only 1.5 years old, glad to have stumbled upon it as the inside is really cool with the typical copper kegs and a real cool, hip feel to it, The food is great and the rum is even better!

Trying out 3 of the popular rums – Ollie, the supervisor was great and knew all about his rums, the staff are fantastic here
My favourite is the spiced rum
Great nibbles that go well with the rums served


This pub is a real local hangout which is nice to see, dogs are allowed in which I love about Surry Hills in general as pets are loved here and its sweet!
A shot of fireball at this place

Pizza Fritta

The outdoor mural caught our attention straight away! we made the excuse to eat and have a drink outside
Reminds me of europe, loved it here and the staff are fantastic as well!
Great tap beer
The unique calzone pizza which was lovely – being vegan, they had a great option which was so tasty!
The inside of the restaurant, just as cool

The Forresters

A quick drink here, didnt have the same feel as the other places we went to…. on to the next one
They did have nice staff and great cocktail list

Excelsior Hotel / El Loco

The gorgeous building from the outside
“Cheaper than therapy”shot with Mezcal, Disarnoo Ameretto, citrus and a cherry – YUM
Very Mexican looking interior,
an old pub changed over to a mexican restaurant

Keg & Brew

The Keg & brew from the outside, you can see the rooftop from the street
The bottom ground floor pub is really cool
They have these poor animals mounted on the wall 😦
Rooftop Pizza Bar is a real cool area to chill and relax

The Chicken Institute

We stopped by here because of the awesome mural at the back of the shop – it was different and a sweet little restaurant which is fairly new to the area
Mural spray painting by a very talented illustrator who knows the owner

The Bank Hotel

This was the last place we ended up as it closed at 2am – the line up was quite a bit but i think its mainly due to covid
The place was quiet and wasnt busy at all

Had a great time exploring the pubs and restaurants around Surry Hills, missed many other places but will need no excuse to redo another pub crawl!

When is your next pub crawl??