Gyumri daytrip exploration with Liv
2hr drive from Yerevan

Gyumri is the 2nd largest city in Armenia. Was previously called Alexandropol and was Russian led. The city went through tough times during and after World War I, many refugees from the Armenian genocide fled into the city. It was later renamed Leninakan during the Soviet period and became an industrial and textile centre.

The city was later renamed to Gyumri under modern Armenia independanc in 1991. The population grew to 200,000 before being devastated by the 1988 eathrquake which brought it down to 121,900 in 2011 census.

Not too far from Yerevan so can do a day trip here or else an overnight trip to be able to experience Gyumri more in over a day

It was a hot day in Armenia! We walked around the city in a bit of a sweat, many of the locals were inside due to the heat, prob thought we were crazies lol but the sun beating down on the pavement with not much trees around really did make it a bit hotter and uncomfortable, but there were a few shops to go in and cool under the air con – the churches also were cool inside so we rested there as well!

Church of the Holy Saviour
As it was fairly hot day, there werent too many people aroound so we had a nice stroll which wasnt too crowded
Beuaitful churches everywhere
Vardanants Square
The main town square and the heart of Gyumro with water fountains, childrens toys and where everyone comes together to cheneh and catch up
Dates back to the 1930s wth different mix of RUssian / Armenian and neoclasical architecture

The Statue dedicated to the Battle of Avarayr, one of the first battles defending the Christian faith

Surrounding the Square are Gyumri City Hall, a cinema hall from 1926, and a hotel from 1927

Cathedral of the Holy Mother of God – Սուրբ Աստվածածին Մայր Եկեղեցի

The church of the Holy Mother of God belongs to the Cruciform style of the Armenian churches with an external rectangular shape. The belfry is located at the top of the main entrance on the western side of the building. The church is topped with a large dome at the center surrounded with 2 minor domes. Unlike other Armenian churches, the altar at the Holy Mother of God is unique for its multi-iconic decoration.

The church remained active during the Soviet years.

After the 1988 earthquake, the two minor domes fell down and they were replaced with new ones. The fallen domes are currently placed in the church yard.

We found a cafe nearby just off from the square and had a caffiene boost
Holy Savioir Church
19th c. Church constructed between 1858 and 1872 and consecrated in 1873
We wandered around the city centre and decided to stop and have a snack, found some chips and wedges which actually hit the spot! We sat under the shade in one of the shopping streets and people watched as we had our little feast
Shopping stallsn along one of the roads
Benzin – petrol stop – everyone must get out of the car when filling the car up – there usually is a little cafe or room to the side of the petrol station with vending machines and you sit there until the driver calls you back

We had a great day exploring this city, well worth the day trip out from Yerevan

Easy to hire a driver