On our way to Yerevan and first stip is Doha flying Qatar airways

Syndey airport bar – International airport – not one of the most exciting airports in the world thats for sure… but oh well, who cares when youre going on a holiday right!?

Putting this here to remember years from now how cheap alcohol was in 2019

Ground staff working hard at Sydney airport

Little travel pack that has the essentials

Leaving Sydney 🙂

Love being up in the clouds!

Pre ordered vegan meal which came in early for us and it wasnt too bad!

The other meal

Flight path, getting to Doha and pretty excited to land after hours of being in the air

Landing in Doha airport, been many times and it still feels like the first time evry time I land!

I do like flying with Qatarm I love their service, I like their economy seats, I like everything about them and will always choose Qatar over other airlines if I have to