Rating: 4 out of 5.

Stopover in Qatar, 2019
Yerevan Pan Armenian Games – with Liv

Chose this hotel not only for the price but the location as we wanted to be near the water and not too far from the airport either and the price was really cheap and looked like a great place, comfortable and stylish with our own little kitchenette area

Located central near the water
An interesting looking awesome building walking distance from the water and city centre

There was a swimming pool on the top floor and sitting areas
We arrived early morning so I took this from their website but it was nice top quality for the price we paid, i was surprised!

Cool cafe area to chill and relax in, marble floor and walls so nice and cool place to come back too after a day of exploring in the heat

There was a cafe and sweets area inside across from reception where we would relax and chill
The reception area, nice crisp blues, greys and whites
The swimming pool
This was the breakfast area


Recommended to stay here as its clean and modern with cafe and sitting area downstairs all nice and clean and modern

Great price and great location too