Love everything about flying! … BUT every now and again im sure everyone comes across an experience like this one

In Lithuania, our landing into Vilnius Airport was aborted at the last minute and our wheel “disengaged” 😳

I taped it… Its a time-lapse video… check it out… when we were just about to land and literally cm’s away from the ground… the plane takes off again at top speed! (What the!!?) and the wheels go back in! (NO… NO… dont do that… LAND!) we take off fast and circle for 7mins or so… in that time the Captain chants over the intercom calling it an “unsatisfactory landing approach” which is “a fairly normal procedure” and we go in for another try, wheels come back down and and we (thankfully) land, all good (insert image of me kissing the ground here) THEN the plane stops abruptly on the runway (when we should be taxiing at this point) and we are told that one of the wheels has disengaged… (dont care, im on solid ground) we then had to be bused back to the terminal from the middle of the runway

Passengers getting restless, its a really tiny plane , check out he huge guy on the right, he is headbutting the roof!

So, does anyone else have any similar stories? 🤔 would love to hear them 🤗 im curious …

Stuck in the middle of the runway… on the bus leaving to the terminal

To be fair, the airline was great and did a decent job in letting us know what was happening, not to worry and then getting our luggage to us asap

and there sits our poor little disengaged plane (and our luggage!)