Rating: 3 out of 5.

A carpark sitting right on the Rhine Rover on the border of Leichtenstein and Switzerland with plenty of space

There was a toilet block as well which was very basic and a bus stop nearby to get into the centre of town



The carpark had a great location right off the main highway and an easy 15min walk into the city of Vaduz

There was even a bus stop there to take you into town

It was pretty cheap to park here

Carpark at football stadium

Ticket boom gate

Park with cars and caravans

Beautiful view of Switzerland one side and leichtenstein on the other

4th white block from entrance is with €1m views of the castle! Plus extra space to sit down on the white painted area

Noisy due to close to the main hwy

Welcome to the ium!

We got the best spot there with the best view of the castle through the trees and an extra space to put our awning out and chairs out

Had our seats out straight away to enjoy the castle view

What a view of Vaduz Castle! This is what we had the pleasure of seeing from our van spot

Dinner time!

Only a few other vans were there with us

Ticket machine – pay and display

The walk towards the town with beautiful views of the country side

There was a walking and cycling track