We ended up making a great decision to leave oloumouc on the day after we got there and to drive up to Usov, which was out of our way and find a random places and stay there to see the castle the next day, just from a drawing we saw at the info place at Olomouc… And SO glad we did it!!

We took 1 hr to drive to Udov and it was a pretty easy drive on a large road and some smaller roads where we had to drive slow to make sure we didn’t go over the line

Drone shot of the cute village with the castle on the bottom right

We got to the car park of the restaurant that I saw on Google maps that said it was “free parking” but from experience we can never know until we get there as the situation can be anything really, boom gate, someone collecting money, road works, etc etc – I’ve been a little bit apprehensive here in Czechia as it’s not like Germany roads but we are getting used to it slowly slowly…

The carpark was perfectly placed so we werent in the way of customer cars

The restaurant, we drove in and straight away noticed there were no people just one car and the town was small, yay we had a chance.. jumped out and went inside to ask if we could stay, the lady couldn’t speak English but said we could park and we asked if she wanted money she waved and said no no! So we parked in a good spot so we could get out easy (always thinking ahead!) And straight away saw the castle and as it was 7:15pm the sky was beautiful and the sun was going to set in a few hours we I had to go explore the castle! And we did!


The castle was huge and the front was white, cement and you could tell there used to be a moat, the view of the town was amazing from the castle half the beauty was that! I couldn’t stop looking at it.. we took so many photos! It just wasn’t enough!

The castle from the restaurant carpark

We cooked salmon and veggies which was beautiful, we had a bit too much whiskey and we watched the sun set at the castle gates overlooking the town with corn chips and our plastic cups filled with whiskey… Chatted about Adolf Hilter and the camps at Auschwitz and the beautiful view of the town!

We had some whiskey while sitting on the wall of the walkway over the old moat overlooking the beautiful little town and watched the sun set
The tiny little town of Usov surrounded by beautiful countryside
The beautiful sunset from Usov Castle

It’s 11:52pm we are all in bed and about to sleep – tomorrow, exploring the castle and the town then off to the next castle!

Czech currency
Walking up towards the castle and passing by country houses
The quiet streets of the main town down the hill

Vast farms surround Usov

Such colourful buildings! Loved the houses here
More local homes exploring the town
How about the sunset! And the castle with its shining lights

I really liked Usov! It was just such a contrast to what we were expecting and what we got. We drove through countryside and farms and according to the size of the town on google maps, it turns out to have a massive castle sitting on the hill overlooking this tiny little town! the stories this place holds…