Rating: 3 out of 5.

This location was on Google maps which I found said “free parking” so decided to give it a go, mainly I chose this location because it was RIGHT across from the castle and out of the main little town centre



We sat around the back on the picnic table there and had our dinner looking at the beautiful castle… I was in castle heaven!

We were pretty lucky that there wasnt anyone else around other than a little red car so we reversed right in beside the trees and out of the way of the car park as to not annoy the cars going in and out

A small carpark but we could hide in the corner near the bushes and from the back of the van, we had a perfecg view of the castle

We had a coffee and something to eat at the restaurant to say thanks for letting us park at the parking lot

Our breakfast in the van, egg, mushroom tomato and rocket wraps