A short 1:29 compilation of some videos I took while exploring in Bourton on the Water…


🚌 #801 – 15mins from Market Square to High St right across from De La Haye fish & chips shop

Bourton on the Water caught my eye the day I decided to take a day trip from London when I lived there, I got to spend only 30mins only wandering around and that just wasnt enough for me, the main reason Im spending 10 days in the Cotswolds because of Bourton on the Water… and I wasnt the only one, this place was so full of tourists I had to retreat to my B&B during the day and venture out after 4pm, its was nuts! seems that I chose to come here in the May bank holiday by mistake lol good one Jazz

The name Bourton comes from the Saxon word BURGH which means a fort or camp and TON which means a village or settlement. If you put the two together, you get ‘the village beside the camp’.

Town Map

HOW many pubs???

You see the map right? its tiny right? well there are SEVEN pubs in this tiny town… ive spoken to quite a few locals and there really isnt anything else to do other than to chat over a beer, there are some locals who are known to become very rowdy as well! One of the pub owners was telling me he has to lock the front door at around 10pm due to the local bunch he wants to keep them out

Bourton Lake via Drone

DCIM/101MEDIA/DJI_0230.JPGDCIM/101MEDIA/DJI_0232.JPGBourton on the water from above, these lucky people living here have beautiful lush backyards

IMG_4899 copy
IMG_4906 copy

Duck Racing Gambling

I joined a duck race on the banks of the river where the locals were making money for charity

IMG_4946 copy
IMG_4956 copy

There is evidence of finding Stone Age and Bronze Age burial mounds around this area

IMG_4982 copy
IMG_4985 copy
IMG_4999 copy

I went for a walk outside of the village and you can get some nice views looking back, its amazing how all the buildings look the same but I found out why, if you are building a house or renovating it MUST be to the design of the older houses so that it maintains its look, locals can be fined A LOT if they dont follow the rules

IMG_5018 copyKids and adults alike wade through the waters and enjoy the warmer weather

IMG_5046 copy
IMG_5047 copy

The Bridges 

There are 5 bridges that cross the River, all constructed of local stone. At the western end of the village green is Mill Bridge built in 1654 and originally called Broad or Big Bridge. Next is the footbridge in the centre of the village green called High Bridge and was built in 1756. This is followed by Paynes Bridge built in 1776. Then there is the footbridge, which stands close-by, is called New Bridge and was built in 1911 by a local benefactor, named George Frederick Moore who was a successful tea planter. In 1953, opposite the Old New Inn, the Coronation Footbridge was built to replace an earlier wooden structure dating back to 1750.

These bridges are the highlight of this cute little village

IMG_5080 copy
Coffee and cake.png

The famous cafe De La Haye right in the village centre