I fell in love with this small village as soon as took a step onto the High St, its cute and quaint and I feel like I stepped into a “Midsommer Murder” episode (which I watch and love, one of the reasons I decided to come to this beautiful area of UK)

The town is tiny, ive basically walked every single road there is and some 2 or 3 times and every street has its own charm

The High Street was constantly packed full of cars and people, mainly elderly tourists (and then there’s me! lol)

The outstanding building on High St is the “Curfew Tower” which was built in 16th c.

A bit of history… so I remember… 

Moreton in Marsh - old pic
The below are some old pics I found of Moreton in Marsh, I can just imagine what it would be like with horse drawn carriages trotting through the High St. Its changed so much! today the High St is the one main road going through the town and connecting to the other villages of the Cotswolds and was back to back traffic the whole day

Moreton in Marsh - old pic 1The first evidence of human settlement here was in the Bronze Age, they found a farmstead dated in 2nd BC, there has also been found Roman coins and pottery and the original Roman road lies a couple of feet below the present surface of High St

The present beginnings of Moreton was believed to have been created by the Saxons around 577AD and the name basically meaning farmstead on the marshy ground and by 11th c. the town was the property of Westminster Abbey and they made it into a market town with its wide High St.

The main source of income at the time was their sheep (there is 1 or 2 still around these days!)

The countryside is still beautiful in the rain

There really are A LOT of retired people here and I was speaking to a few locals and they were saying that a lot more are coming up and it didnt sound like they liked the idea, the town is becoming larger and more touristy and because of this its becoming more expensive and it actually is more expensive than London (which is quite shocking)

The buildings with their gorgeous flowers are exactly like in an English film

There are 5 pubs and hotels in this small town and they are so nicely made up as B&B’s and restaurants which are always full

St David’s Church

Going for a walk through the countryside, this is the main highway

There are so many interesting little shops – also many charity shops with the used clothing coming from nearby Birmingham

The Bell Inn

The newer section of Moreton in Marsh is still cute and quaint with beautiful coloured flowers over each of the properties

Its actually very expensive to buy a place here, a 2 bedroom new property is around 350,000 pounds ($720,000AU) I wouldnt have thought it would be that much but looks like this area is a desirable place retire to

Loved my time here… next stop im looking forward to as well