A side trip out of London to the quiet village life of the Cotswolds…

Tip #1
If you know what dates you are going to travel, book your ticket in advance!

I booked mine around 2 month before on the “Train” app when in Aus and I got my ticket for £12, im on the train now and I just checked the price of the same ticket and it was £37.40!

Paddington Station

Great Western Railway
£12 one way to Moreton-in-Marsh
10:22am ~ Thurs 24th May

Time – 1 hour 40mins

Paddington Station is an amazing place, links London to the west of the country, so Cornwall and up towards Banbury & Oxford – so easy to book online for your train to your next adventure, I really hope Londoners dont take the transport system here for granted…

Im fascinated by the British trains and the effectiveness and the breadth of the system and how it moves so many people all around Britain – Its one of my fav things about the UK

Tip #2

Use “Trains” app to book your overground train travel in UK

Waiting waiting waiting… these guys are just so organised, there are pamphlets all over helping everyone with what lines they can catch to get out to the west of england

What i really like is that there is a screen letting last minute travelers know which train is the next one to their desired destination

Getting ready to leave…


I ended up sitting in the first class carriage A accidently (ummm) and wasnt questioned so got away with it 🤫🤭

Love the little bottle of wine with its own cup as the lid! londoners always make it easier to drink!

What a breeze the ride was the Moreton in Marsh I actually didnt want to arrive so soon lol – really enjoyed my experience and I love the trains in the UK (no matter what any one says!)

Ok!!! mASSiVe change to where I have been staying at in London the past week… this is heeeaveeen! Leleleleleelele! Just take a look at my gorgeous room #10 at the Swan Inn at Moreton in Marsh, Sarah owns the Inn and she showed me around… quite gorgeous!

The Swan Inn, my home for the next 2 nights 😁 this village is darn cute!

Will update on Moreton in Marsh the village itself later on…

I need zzzzz …. and proper sleep with a nice sleep in