3 words… Travel Space Bags

The one tip I have for any one who wants to travel is to buy quite a few travel SPACE BAGS, they are the best!

Not only do they save so much room in my backpack / luggage, they have also saved my clothes from getting wet for example when my bag was thrown on the tarmac after a flight and it was raining, clothes were nice and dry – another story, also saved once when a bottle of red wine broke in my bag lol

Just to keep blabbing on a bit more about these bags, they keep my clothes nice and clean when staying in a hostel or a random place where you dont want your clothes out or where the place is a bit dirty

This is a before shot of 13 t-shirts…

Spacebags (2)

After shot with the air squeezed out of them…

Spacebags (1)

Not bad eh? hence why I never travel without them