Ok, so… Ive lived overseas before both in Dublin and London and packing to move to a total different country is seperate to this dilema of packing for an unforeseen-amount-of-time trip for both summer & winter trip

Where to start… this is where IM starting… from what I WANT to take and then from here it will be culled once or twice before I go, to be honest, this gets easier, packing constantly I have basically become a pro, but I will admit that my down fall is packing too many scarves… I love colour! anyways, they all come in handy and if I dont like them or buy new ones I can throw my old ones out

And this is where Im at… TBH, its 50% more shorts than I normally take 5 more shirts than I usually take for a 3 week trip but other than that, its about what I normally pack so im not too worried about weight – most of my internal flights allow only 20KGs so Im packing with that in mind, also the fact im going to be moving and dont want to drag it all with me

There is no right or wrong way of doing this… Everyone is different… the way I am is that I try to make sure that I can mix and match all the shirts and the bottoms together and that all the scarves can go with the shirts. I dont take any long skirts or dresses mainly due to the size of them and my packing space:


  • JACKET – I never travel without a light weight jacket – I have a mountain gear waterproof / windproof one and no matter what season it is I always take this with me (I have had some bad experiences which I have learnt from) comes in handy on the plane or in air conditioned places and Ive been caught out with unexpected weather changes
  • SHIRTS – 5-10 depending on the weather and location and what type of holiday it is
  • SHORTS – usually 2-3 and they match all the shirts im taking with me
  • SKIRTS – 1 x mini skirt that goes with any of the shirts
  • OVER SHIRTS – 2 – depends on the type of trip again, for example my 2 week cycling trip I took no cardigan or cute top as I knew I would be cycling and sweating and I knew there wouldnt really be an opportunity to dress up
  • SCARVES – 4-6 I never travel without these… they always add a bit of colour and style to an outfit and not only that, they also protect me from the sun so I dont really need to go pyscho with the suncream (I personally dont like wearing the same scarf every day, I just CANT – DO – IT)
  • SHOES – 1 x thongs (for showers)
    1 x Sneakers / hiking boots
    1 x daily walking sandals
    1 x going out flats that can also be walking shoes
    optional : wedges or light mini heels for nights out – depends on the type of holiday again
  • BANDANAS/ HATS – I take around 2 headscarves for summer trips for when im hiking or walking around a town – 1 x cap
  • SWIMMERS – 1 x pair and a sarong
  • SOCKS – 2 pairs
  • UNDIES and BRA – 5 undies (washed every night) and 3 bras (1 x sports bra)
  • PYJAMAS – 1 top and bottom – (these are usually thrown out at the end of the trip)

And thats basically how I pack… I throw what I know I want to take into a box in the corner of my room around 2 months before I leave and hell… it makes my job a heck of a lot easier coming closer to the day I leave, every ones different but this is how I work, I like being organised and not rushed at the last minute – its a skill Íve taught myself and its all so much easier the more I do it.