5th August 09
South Yorkshire
57mins from Nottingham

The name Conisbrough is thought to be derived from the Anglo-Saxon Cyningesburh – meaning ‘the defended burh of the King’, suggesting the area once belonged to one of the Anglo-Saxon kings, prior to the Norman Conquest.

The beautiful remains of the 97m high tower with 6 buttresses supporting it still remains intact
The moon was out and everything looked beautiful!

We drove our little car (with the boot closed this time) to Conisbrough hoping to take some photos of the castle with a nice sunset in the background. The castle was closed but the really bored looking security guard let us in to take some photos, we could barely understand his accent!! The photos we took were amazing! This castle was built in the 12th c. and the 97 foot high circular keep still is intact with its amazing buttresses supporting it… never see anything like it before in England.