Another semi nice day with blue skies every now and again, no need for a jacket as it was warm even though there was a lot of wind it was pleasant

I really didnt want to leave Amberley Castle Hotel, its prob the best hotel ive ever stayed at, maybe its the fact that im a castle fanatic or maybe its the castle itself and the staff but I spent the whole morning enjoying a long breakfast, exploring the grounds and also Amberley village, what a cute place! Talk about thatched cottages galore ❤️


A – Amberley – West Sussex
B – Arundel – West Sussex
C – Boxgrove Priory – West Sussex
D – Emsworth – Hampshire

E – Fareham – Hampshire


I think so far Amberley and Amberley Castle hotel has been my highlight! I loved this little town with the narrowest streets and thatched roof cottages, most ive seen so far on this trip and others when traveling around UK

Exploring this town took me a few hours as I walked around and took in as much detail as I could

Drone shot of the castle hotel
Walking along some of the walking paths in the counteyside
Amberley village
Green pastures and fluffy sheep with british accents
One of the many thatched roofed cottages – to rethatch these costs a lot of ££ i think its close to $15,000- 20,000 or something like that!
Dinner at the only local pub and it was good! They also had a few vegan dishes which I was surprised about!
pumpkin and spinach pie with brown rice and some other bits and pieces – was really nice!


District – Arun
County – West Sussex

I love Arundel, ive been here before and visited the Castle but I wanted to come back and see the town again and if its changed, I loved walking aound these streets again, this town is very affluent and the buildings in town centre and in back streets are very well to do, you def need to have money to live here thats for sure

Easy 9 min drive from Amberley to Arundel
Arundel town centre
Arundel Cathedral and the tiny in comparison St Marys Gate pub
Inside of St Marys Gate Inn
Arundel Castle
The main High St area restaurants and shops
The local residences
The surrounding park, there is always plenty of places for people to walk their dogs (they seem to love their dogs over here!)
This is not my photo but to give you an idea, this is what Arundel Castle looks like, its just amazing!!


County – Sussex

Boxgrove Priory is a ruined priory in the village of Boxgrove in Sussex, England. It was founded in the 12th century

Boxgrove priory from above

The Priory was dissolved in 1536. At the time of the dissolution there were eight priests and one novice, as well as twenty-eight servants and eight children living in the priory. More servants than priests! something seems off with this set up hmm

Details of the priory – The Priory was founded in the reign of Henry I, about 1123
I was the only one here, a small village on a small side road, it was nice to just wander around and explore on my own
Boxgrove church right next door
The surrounding small village


Borough – Havant
County – Hampshire

With a population of around 9,500 people, its fairly tiny town

You can always count on finding something quirky and creative on the streets in UK
The main road walking down towards the shallow inlet
Low tide
Had a drink and a good chat with some locals at the Lord Raglan pub which had a back garden area looking out towards the boat yard
The buildings here were mainly very blockish and uniform in design
Another telephone box library 🙂

Had a day where I spent a lot of time in Amberley – not much driving happened but still saw quite a few places