Today was an amazing day with mostly sunny and warm weather, it was a treat compared to the previous couple days, it gets dark around 6:30 so there is plenty of time to explore

Looking at the map, I feel like im not traveling far enough but there is just so much to see in between drives and stopping at random places if I see something of interest, the day goes too fast!


A – Stanhill Court Hotel
B – Horsham – West Sussex
C – Billinghurst – West Sussex
D – Parham House & Gardens – West Sussex
E – Stopham (Chichester) – West Sussex

F – Amberley Castle Hotel – West Sussex

DAY 3 – Map


Parked at Denne Street parking £3.50 for 2 hrs and it was located town centre which was perfect – And geez this town, I loved it! Such different buildings to some of the other places

My first impression of this town was brilliant! I walked through this little back street and it was a little windy alley with walk way tunnel to a small square, just made me think who would have loved there previously decades ago

Found an awesome cafe “The Cafe at No.4” reallllly good Aussie standard coffee! Started the day off well.. I decided not to do breakfast at the accom as they just have a button press coffee machine which was just not nice (Aussie coffee snob??)

Horsham village – parking just off the main High St
Going down these backstreet alley ways from the carpark – too cute!
Little alleyways in the back streets
Coffee and Bakewell and yes! The sun is out and so are my sunnies
The cafe on No.4 is the cute little building on the right
Unique St Marys Church
The Causeway –


Horsham / West Sussex

There is only a population of about 8,500 ppl here, but I was told by a local that it had doubled in size the past couple years so looks like people are moving out of the larger cities to the countryside, bit like whats happening in Australia as well

Short trip over from Horsham
Tiny little town
Billingshurt – Cute little roads and cant go wrong with a red telephone box!

Met a lovely elderly couple who had moved here from London and they loved the rural country life, stress free and relaxing, no city worries and instead of downsizing they have upsized because its affordable out in the country side! Love hearing ppls life stories and how they got to where they are

There are so many charity stores in the UK in general, can find some interesting and unusal items and many ppl buy from these stores its quite normal
Fishmonger in a van! Love how these small villages are still old school… you wont find a Coles or Woolies here!
The High Street of little Billingshurst
Cute little cottages next to the church in Billingshurst
Little cobble foot path to the church
Whoa… how about all those trails


Parham / West Sussex

Such a beautiful Elizabethan country estate! Originally owned by the Monastery of Westminster – building started in 1577 – the house was changed hands a few times and then opened to public in 1948 after the war when it had been a place to evacuate children and Canadian soldiers during the war – so much history in this house

Parham House and Gardens from the air – getting to the house you have to come off the main road and drive down a long narrow driveway into the countryside – its a fairly popular place for local english people who love to visit the gardens and buy plants and have a tea – The English really do love their tea!
13mins from Billinghurst

One of England’s best kept country houses
Magnificent restored Elizabethan Manor House
Famous tapestry and embroidery collection
Huge Long Gallery with many interesting artefacts
Home to Lady Emma Barnard and family
Beautiful gardens with many plants and butterflies

There are many different and beautofully coloured and decorated rooms full of collected artifacts
The Long Gallery – the family jused to exercise here during the cold winters
Part of the garden at the back of the property – wonderful to walk through and see all the English flora
The front of the house, View from the church
The interior of Parham house – now a museum, it has such interesting items collected inside
Parham gardens surrounding the house

Ok, I lost a bit of time as my GPS took me off track a bit as I added in a few stops from recommendations from locals but I finally got to…


Chichester / West Sussex

A little hamlet hidden away, I only went here because one of the locals told me about it mainly because of the bridge and the little pub overlooking it – population is apparenlty only 87 people!

12th c. Stopham Church, just surrounded by a road and a few residential buildings and farms
Stopham Bridge, now just a walking bridge but used to be the only way to get through via road, now there is a new more modern bridge built to its other side
The White Hart pub at Stopham, overlooking the ols Stopham Bridge
A beautoful oil painting of the beautiful bridge, a man from London who has come to visit his friend, he loves painting bridges in the area, hes done a good job!
Ive joined the club, Just some more random parking on a small country lane but no one seems to care LOL
An english field as you would see on the TV, but its real with the most vivd greens!
What you looking at??

AMBERLEY CASTLE (details in next blog)

Wanted to get to Amberley castle before dark as I wanted t explore the grounds and spend as much time here as possible

Ended up at the accomodation I have been thinking about since I booked it! Amberley Castle xox