Rating: 3 out of 5.

Seats were comfortable, cushioned and not bad in terms of seating area

Waiting time in Singapore is not too long

Scheduled and on time and boarding was easy and completed in zones filling from back to front

If you are to sit in the back seats – The overhead lockers above the last 2 rows are usually taken by the air stewards so you will have to put your bag 3-4 seats ahead

All the hand rests DO NOT fold up totally so if you do get an extra seat you cant really lie across it

Entertainment units – they are the older style so a little annoying and delayed when touching the buttons on screen

This has had some really really awful reviews! Its not that I listen to others and freak out, Im the type of person to experience things myself then make a decision, so I had the reviews at the back of my mind and was looking forward to experiencing myself this much talked about flight path

So, my first “1 way” flight to London – 2 legs, 1 stop at singapore to refuel, 1 ticket

The reivews…. Seats uncomfortable / no leg room / electronic boxes under a lot of the seats / rude staff – it basically had so many bad experiences in its reviews that people make sure proactively not to book on this flight

BUTTTTTT, my experience was absolutely amazing! I did end up booking and paying for my seat additionally which is usually included in the price but looks like the airlines are trying to recover their losses and we are paying for it… I paid $135 for my seat and after touching base with seatguru, I chose my seat

I booked 43J which is classified as a middle row but its right at the back and is a double seat so there is a whole extra spot beside the window free for bags etc

Middle row 43J was marked as a “bad”seat on seat guru – I chose it any ways
I have long legs so for me to have plenty of leg room was great – no complaints here – the only thing that was a little annoying was the silver electronic box on the left which took up leg space
I was lucky enough on both legs to have no one sitting next to me! and as you can see on the right there was ha;lf a seat room where I put all my bags and extra stuff which was great – only thing id if you book the last seats
Flight sattendants on both legs were fantastic and had a sense of humour, and the awesome english accents helped! (well for me anyways, im a sucker for english accents)
Dinner – I chose the vegan option at the time of booking my ticket online – was pasta and some fruits and brown rice and edameme salad – all in all it was nice
Screen shot of my flight on flight tracker – family watching me! lol
Oh Ive missed these type of beautiful fluffy real clouds!
A really funky feature of this plane are the self darkening windows! click the button and it darlens and lightens on its own, was so fun to play with!
Leg number 2 dinner – tofu ruce and veggies with fresh fruit
Breakfast – Toast and raspberry – fresh fruit

All in all, I really enjoyed my experience on the Boeing 787 with British Airways. I suppose I was one of the lucky ones where I didnt have anyone next to me and huge seating area – we only had 30mins betwen flights in Singapore and the gates were right next to each other so that was a plus as we didnt wait too long at all, good experience!

I would recommend this flight and flight path