Rating: 3 out of 5.


(ps. I went and had a look at their website and it looks like they have rennovated and updated their rooms! they are all really nice and modern with nicer colours and paintings, much nicer than when I stayed and also more expensive)




The hotel itself was more like a motel, still a bit old school but they have painted the inside with bright feature wall so its a bit more modern and interesting

I took this photo to show the scenery outside the window, it was looking out to a park with beautiful greenery, you could keep your windows open and see the gorgeous aussie bush

The bathroom was clean, a little dated but still had everything that was needed

The reception area which is a seperate building to the motor inn side

The breakfast room and restuarant

The bar in the main building area

All in all, a nice hotel good location close to town, clean and cheap and rooms were spacious with nice view out the window