Rating: 4 out of 5.


There are quite a few places just outside sydney what you can go and meditate and have a free yoga lessons and they are pretty affordable, this one was one of the more expensive retreats at $600 for 2 x nights 2 x days, but it was good, great plant based food (mostly) and good yoga teachers




The location was quite close to Swamis Yoga retreat but it was different as it was more on a hill and had a lake on the property but the sitting areas were more in the same place where as Swamis you could sit in different parts of the property and not see or talk to anyone else

The view from the lodge over the billabong

So peaceful and tranquil, you can go for walks around the lake area its so pretty

The lovely fire place, this was on all the time when we were there
Another inside sitting area
The pool area for those who want to swim
The sitting area around the fire – we read our books here under a blanket with the fire going, was so relaxing…
The main lodge looking up from our treehouses


YUM! Plant based and plentiful! helps to eat this type of food with the yoga and meditation, you feel so good!

I fit in well here as the food is plant based!

Breakfast was plant based big breakfast and fruit / muesli
Fresh fruit, tea and coffee was available all day
Dessert for the first night, some sort of chocolate and berry fondanty stuff, plant based again
Plant based banana bread
The main dining hall where we were served our plant based food


We shared a twin bed hut which was so cute and quaint!

Bed was so comfy with heavy doonas which was perfect for the cold weather we were there for
Shower was from the rainwater and heating tank took around 60sec to heat up – 3min showers each
The bathroom was seperate to the shower, clean and had all kinds of biodegradable goodies in there! Meaning, the toilet tissue and the soaps
The tree house was so cute and snug and had everything it needed!
The view from our balcony overlooking the billabong