Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

DATE : 11-12 DEC 2020

I wanted to stay here only because I walked passed this beautiful old building and I noticed it was a hotel and i thught straight away I need to stay here! I loved the fact it was an old factory like building and i knew it was going to be beautiful inside

I got to my first room, which was the studio with the balcony and I ended up being next to a group of ladies on a hen night I think and I was like ummmm NOOOOO lol I wanted a quiet weekend with no doof doof and cackles coming through the thin walls lol… so I got the upgrade which wasnt much more than what I paid for the studio at the time, luckily the honeymoon apartment was free for the night (the best room!) so I just booked it on booking.com and went down stairs and paid the extra, perfecto!

The view from the room over the terraces, some new, some old and then the Harbour Bridge in the back ground
The location of the hotel in the city, right next to Barangaroo Reserve, a nice place to have a picnic and hang out
The living room was really nicely decorated and very comfy! The mural on the wall really added to the uniqueness of the room and added some personality 🙂
Some of the detailing in my room
The kitchen and dining area, all has the basics, nice and clean
The bathroom was very modern and newly rennovated
Coffee lovers would love this machine!
All basics are included and you can also purchase wine and snacks if you get a snack attack!
My breakfast of porridge in my room
A King Size bed with mosquito netting in its own seperate room
The hotel itself was a cool place to explore, many different rooms allo furnished in their own unique colour schemes and style
The view from the balcony of the bar is impressive! its always booked out especially during the weekend so key to book
The view oveer towards the city centre
One of the bar areas
The bar downstairs as you enter the building
The upstairs dining area and its bar
This dining area looks over towards Barangaroo


I do recommend to get the larger rooms as the walls and floors are fairly thin as its an old building but boy is it a cool place! many rooms to sit in and have a drink and read a book, the upstairs restaurant with the view is fantastic as well – must book though as its always full

The pub downstairs is really rustic and old school so I do recommedn to grab a beer here as well even if you dont stay at the accommodation