DATE : 20-22nd NOV
WHY? To get away from Sydney

Had the urge to get away from Sydney more and more these days as its just becoming frustrating with all the covid issues and work being so busy also with things happening overseas in Armenia and the 90,000+ people who we are trying to help that have been displaced due to the war in Karabagh

This was the view of where we were staying at my friends property, it was beautiful!
Just above from Central Coast is a cute little town of Charmhaven

Sometimes its hard juggling the emotions that go along with the guilt of how must those people feel living in a warzone and just trying to survive and get by while here we are in our first world complaining about stresses and pressures of work and trying to get by, it emotionally hits big time – but it will get better, what goes down must always come up!

“Whatever you’re thinking about is literally like planning a future event. When you’re worrying, you are planning. When you’re appreciating you are planning…What are you planning.”  – Abraham Hicks

Im being careful of what im thinking about as I know negative will attract negative and the same with positive so I always need reminders like this 🙂
Coffee makes the day!

Dan came to pick me up at 3:30pm after work – by that time I was ready to close my laptop and get out lol

Its been wierd weather in Sydney lately, really really wierd – We drove up and during that time it hailed and traffic was at a standstill! We eventually got into the new tunnel (cuts out 16 sets of lights but you pay $8 one way) Got to Charmhaven in less than 90mins

“You can’t watch out for bad things and allow good things at the same time. It is vibrationally not possible.” – Abraham Hicks

There are so many coffee shops around now all up and down the coast – Australia is now well known for the beautiful cafes we have, more so than bars or pubs, we hace such a huge coffee culture! its awesome…

CLose drive from Charmhaven

For dinnner we decided to go to the Wallarah Bay Recreation Club and had a nice dinner with a beautiful view! The sunset was just stunning, also with the storm clouds it was quite a show and the colours were out of this world!

I was left with quite a few mosquito bites… just adding to the collection

Pub grub for dinner – I had the only vegan thing on the menu which was a salad and roast potatoes – and served with a view

Check out all the beautiful colours, kept changing constantly and there were electrical clouds in the background and lightening shooting down

The moon peeking out behind the clouds once it cleared up a bit

For lunch on the last day we went up north towards Caves Beach then back down to Swansea RSL for a feed – I had the only vegan thing on the menu which was nachos (they are a few steps behind from Sydney when it comes to the vegan menus) quite enjoyed it

On our way back down via the coastal road
The beach at Swansea was really beautiful! and again the clouds played a big part in that

The way back home became too busy – we just left once it started raining at around 3pm and we didnt want to get caught in traffic, which is exactly what happened! It was standstill on the motorway so we decided to go via the scenic route of Wisemans Ferry

The drive to Wisemans Ferry was really nice and quiet but we saw more than we would have on the motorway
Circle in the middle was the shops at Spencer which we came upon first and the pelicans sitting on the posts – the =n the 2nd pitt stop was Wombats Cafe for a beer and the 3rd circle top left is the vehicle ferry crossing
Found these cute pelicans all sitting in a row

The area here was very quiet, tranquil and there are a few houses scattered around here and there

Wombat Cafe for a quick beer stop

Wombat Cafe was a nice stop for a refreshing cold beer break overlooking the green fields below

The scenery along this road was so pretty – the road itselfvwas small and i felt like I had gone back to 2000’s when life was easier and houses didnt have to be $1m plus slabs of expesnive metal and marble to lead a happy life…

`The line had started for Wisemans Ferry crossing

We drove on and came to the ferry crossing which was (surprisingly) free!

we waited behind a group of riders and then drove on with aorund 15 other cars behind us and it only took 6mins or so to get to the other side and back on the road

The road back down to Sydney was sad to see burnt from the recent bushfires of 2020 and it was just growing back and recovering which was good to see

Had dinner at the Vicar of Wakefield in Dural which was a modern pub very funky wiht a lot of seats outside and pub food – I ha da mushroom pizza