The Oaks Cypress Lakes resort

Hunter Valley weekend away with the girls!

Was a nice easy and close getaway, exploring a handful of wineries out of the 150 in the region! Thanks to EleVacation had a fantastic trip organised in a safe, hygienic, covid friendly way, supplying us face masks and the all famous money making hand sanitiser. We all enjoyed a good laugh, quite a few drinks, cheese and chocolate tasting and most importantly, great company! Thanks girls for all the laughs and for the many new additions to my quote book 🤣#elevacation

Thanks for organising!

First stop came so quickly because we were all chatting away the whole drive out of Sydney
What a lovely gift bag from Elevacation! Very thoughtful “Covid pack”for the drive up
A lovely typical vineyard, the grapes here are beautiful!
Mushroom and avo toast with pesto, lining the stomach!
and this is what we are here for!
Its been a bit empty all around as many people arent around
The roads leading us to wine 🙂
The girls cheese platter at the 2nd winery
THE GIRLS! Had a lovely time with everyone, I dont thinkany of us stopped talking!
Lunch was AMAZING! great choice Elevacation
The girls made their own cheese and meat platter which was one of the best ive seen from the Hunter Valley! they have lovely cheese up here (not that I tried any these days, but hey… they looked nice!) 🧀
Hunter Valley Gardens – cute little shops
Coffee coffee coffee coffee! 2nd most popular word after wine! We just couldnt get by without our coffee stops! some people couldnt function LOL
Gourmet foods, lovely designs
Entertaining wine tasting! a bit of comic relief 🙂
The wines here were lovely! I bought some sparkly rose from here $14 a bottle special priced, not a bad drop!
We had beautiful weather the whole weekend, we were pretty lucky…
The lunch on the 2nd day at Tatler was my favourite! Not only was the lunch lovely, the view was sensational!
Ele mingling with some local roo’s on the winery!
I had special care being the only vegan, I got a couple of gorgeous plates! I def recommend this winery due to its food and how they cater for special diets, the pricing is very fair as well! Def book a lunch here
More beautiful scenery
Our last stop – Gin and Vodka tasting

All in all was a fantastic weekend away! We had a great time visiting 5 winerys and a few nice restaurants, beautiful weather along the way, a lovely stay at The Oaks Resort which was fantastic!

having 150 wineries in Hunter, Im def going to be going up a quite a few more times