RESEARCH & THE PRICES OF THINGS (Europe can be expensive!)

This is the most exciting bit!
figuring out how you want to travel around and where to start from!
Half the fun for me is the planning… I’m wierd I know I know 😛

In this instance I had to sit down and put together some costings and best fit for us as a group of 3. I know we can handle any mode of transportation so for us the most important factors were:

1) GETTING THE MOST OUT OF OUR TIME (seeing as much as we can)

Group tours were most definitely OUT of the question, SO, this is the cost comparison I came up with going off my previous experiences and some research, I did a cost per person plan to see if it would be better to go via Eurail (trains) hire a car or campervan:

(the campervanning cost pp actually came out cheaper than I predicted! $5500 each instead)

A general idea on the $ figure to give an idea of the costings
THE WINNER! Freedom to go where you want… and with your kitchen and toilet with you, with no need to unpack the whole time


So, back to Europe… and campervanning!

As I said, I have researched a lot… this trip has been on my bucket list for well over 10 years… but its a hell of a lot easier now than it would have been 10 years ago thanks to technology and apps! This younger generation now dont know what we went through traveling without mobile phones and using just internet cafes and paying $10AU for a 30min call back to AUS, but in a way im glad I went through those times as it was much more less traveled and touristy so I shouldnt complain

There are many options on how you want to do this and this is the way that works for me, each to their own, even if you get one idea from this for your trip ill be happy 🙂

A bit of planning in the beginning goes a long way…

Question is… do you want to be spontaneous or planned?