Halstatt to Attersee

We were leaving Hallstatt where we stayed the night before, geez what a place that was!
Ive been wanting to go for many many many many many years and I finally got there, so so happy.

THIS was the view we were awarded with as soon as the follage opened up and we saw the lake!

So we had to leave the camping site by 11am and we filled the water and left before the nazi owner said anything (you could tell this place was touristy and he had monopoly over this whole area, and his attitude showed that, he also had a knife attached to his belt, no idea why!)

By the time we got here from hallstatt it was around 1.5hours so we hadnt driven too long

We started off driving and we passed by Lake Atter and BOY we were in shock! firstly, none of us had driven through Austria, we have always caught trains through the main cities so this was the first time and we WEEE NOT expecting to see beautiful aqua coloured lakes!

We stopped so many times along the side of Lake Atter that even though it was middle of the day and we could fit in a lot more driving we decided that we had to stay here for the day and overnight it was THAT beautiful, and im telling you now, the water was something else! straight from the mountains, so clean and clear

Me walking through the water, doesnt even look like there is water there its that clear!
The countryside drive was just beautiful, one side mountains the other green valleys
The mountain took our breath away
Stepping stones into the water… never seen that before, but like it! lol
The clouds were framing the lake quite beautifully and even on this overcast day still looked beautiful

This Lake is the largest lake of the Salzkammergut region in the Austrian state of Upper Austria. The catchment area is 464km2 – 18.7km x 3.3km and the avg depth is 85m

Relaxing at our camp site when we really should have been driving lol no way missing out on this!

We were actually so excited to be here and relaxing even though the weather was a bit overcast. The day before being at Hallstatt with all the tourists was a bit full on so it was nice to just be relaxing by the beautiful lake and reading and swimming in one of the most beautiful lakes ive ever had a swim in!

A family of swans, the nature around this area is just so beautiful and full of life!
That water colour!! even on an overcast day its impressive – Höllengebirge in the background

Where the blue arrow is where we stayed, the purple spot was the other main caravan park but it was full and not as nice anyways

The drive and tunnels are always beautiful and in Austria just as nice to drive in as Germany is

Had to keep stopping to take photos!

We took a pitt stop to take in the beauty of the Lake (before we had thought about staying overnight that is)
Coffee and cakes always seem to go down better with a gorgeous view!

Campervan pitt stop – so easy to stop anywhere really, Europe is so campervan friendly that they are mainly made for campervans which I love
Couldnt stop eating amazing Austria and German cakes which we got from many bakeries we passed by
A bit of info doesnt go astray!
Check out the engineering – the roads all around europe have really impressed me and made me realise how far behind we are in… everything really
Another pitt stop waiting for us to take our photos 🙂
Check out the difference in colour of the water! so fascinating
Cute family of swans
One of many times stopping and running up to the lake for photo opps

We were so exciting and happy when we found the accommodation was available at Camping Bruckbacher because the first place I checked out on Camper contact was full and also it was so small and we didnt like it.

Its scenery like this that makes me feel so happy and alive! Im so glad that Europe is made for campervans that there were so many stopping points we could pull over at and jump down from the van.