Rating: 4 out of 5.

Camping Freistadt

COST: 33 euro 1 night – inc. toilets and electricity



The roads leading to Freistadt…

Loved driving on these streets!

The flowing creek right behind our campsite – sounded beautiful and relaxing while reading a book in the van

Its always so relieving to see signs like this with camping and shower symbols – phew

Dronie shot from above – we camped right next to the bridge that goes over to the street to go to the town

We got a great spot right on the corner and overlooking the stream

Had to change the gas bottle today about 6 weeks in so thats not too bad, its a brand new van so its easy to change

The bathrooms were located at the restaurant building and at the bottom you have to go down some stairs and a ramp and its in there, there was also a sauna area

Local farms on the outskirts

We passed farms and greenery along the way to the town and back

Walking back to the campsite after our exploration

The dinner that night after an awesome day in a new amazing town 🙂