Rating: 5 out of 5.

If you want to visit Auschwitz camp, STAY here as the other car park gets too full and is expensive and hard to navigate and park due to so many ppl being there

DONT PARK at Auschwitz camp car park! its way too full and it costs too much as well

We found this carpark on the 2nd night we stayed

COST: 10pln for 1 x night but free for us as the lady at reception didn’t want money said we were their guest 🙂 how nice is that!!?



Heaps of spots, just come direct here and park instead of across the road

Hotel with boomgate and ticket machine to get in – feels safe here and the hotel is 24hrs so the reception is always there too

The hotel at night – very safe and it was pretty empty when we were there

We were on our own in the car park

We were really far away from the main hotel entrance so felt comfortable to get the tables and chairs out

1st night : was 50PLN for the night – We parked here at first to go and visit Auschwitz camp, it was so packed and was already so hard to park but we eventually got a spot but then it was just too busy and we wanted to move but werent sure where to go, so I walked over and saw the Hotel Imperiale and decided to go ask if we could park there and then decided it was best to move, we were pretty damn happy woth that decision!

This was the first camperstop we decided to stay at but then it backfired as it was too crowded and we actually wwrent happy to stay there

There is a pizzeria here and some tourist shops, but they are reallty touristy and the people arent too nice here