Wroclaw was chosen as a 2016 European Capital of Culture

Wrocław originated in the 10th century CE at the crossroads of the amber trade route between the Roman Empire and the Baltic Sea and the trade route linking the Black Sea to western Europe

As a direct result of fighting during World War II, 90 percent of the city’s industry and 70 percent of its residential area were heavily damaged or entirely destroyed. Reconstruction of the city began immediately, and by 1950 more than 50,000 new houses had been built, with an additional 50,000 by 1965


The buzzing capital of the Dolnosląskie province

Wroclaw is south Poland close to czechia border
A beautiful city to explore on foot, looks like a typical European city, colourful and beautiful surrounded by the River Oder – the Middle island area is called cathedral.island

We left Dresden at 9:30am and got to Wroclaw at around 3pm

Driving in we saw some beautiful old buildings
Driving on the roads def not like German roads, massive downgrade and tolls which was different to what we were used to for the past month
Beautiful scenery passing by
Filling petrol was awful as it was more than what we paid in Aus!

WROCLAW CATHEDRAL of John the Baptist

The Cathedral was rebuilt after the immense destruction caused by the WWII – until 1991 only towers were not completed

After the end of the Mongol invasion, the church was again largely rebuilt in the present-day brick Gothic style
In 1244 it was the first building in the city to be made of brick and the largest pipe organ is here
in 1540 a fire destroyed the roof which was then restored 16 years later in renaissance style

In 1759 another fire destroyed the towers

The spires were destroyed in 1759 destroyed both spires and 1912 rebuild started

The cathedral was bombed during WWII

The high spires of the Cathedral towers were many times destroyed and rebuilt

Love the winding stairs
Beautiful view from the cathedral
Love the colours and the architecture was beautiful!
I really enjoyed this city!
From every angle was beautiful!
The clean and colourful streets from above
The fine details are just beautiful

The architecture was different and unique to Poland
Loved the streets lined with gorgeous houses
Every place and space there was an apartment
Team lines along the inner city area
Colourful buildings in the town centre
One of the many little knomes scattered around the city
There were different ways of getting around the city
Even the gutters are artistic!
We did this awesome tour in this van thingy around the main town centre and it was really informative and interesting
The details are just beautiful!
Every corner has something beautiful to see
An interesting building and design
The cute colourful buildings reminded me of Belgium and Brugge
More beautiful detailing on building corners
Signage and details – the Irish are everywhere!
Some luxury buildings in the town centre

Wroclaw Knomes

The gnomes started out as a reaction and peaceful protest to the Soviet regime. From 1981-1983, Wroclaw was under martial law.

A lot of people come to Wroclaw to go gnome hunting!

Many political statements and protests were made by graffiti. One of the leaders of the resistance movement painted the first gnomes on a wall in Wroclaw in 1982.

More followed suit and soon gnomes were seen everywhere throughout Wroclaw and other Polish cities.

The movement gained great momentum and on June 1, 1988 10,000 protesters dressed like gnomes descended on Wroclaw’s city center

It doesn’t stop being beautiful here!!
The detailing of the statues – just look!!
All over the building! These beautiful statues
We had some dinner there in the centre (this is when we weren’t plant based vegans)
Can’t stop exploring…

University Library of Piasek – This used to be a Canons Regular monastery. The oldest… that building no longer exists but in its place this Baroque one was built in 1709-1802

The Tumski bridge – this bridge is weighed down by locks along the sides – There are over 100 foot bridges and roadbridges in this city

The museum where we were using the parking to stay

Polish coins
And notes
Our rather large sandwich we made for lunch in our van