Dates : June 1st & 2nd
Country : England
County : Wiltshire

Swindon used to be a small little market town mainly for barter trade until around late 1840’s

Swindon Town Map

The train ride to Swindon was lovely… one of my favourite places to be in is the English Countryside, its just so green and lush and I love catching a church steeple of a cute village rushing past when on a train or meandering through the pastures and listening to the birds twittering, its just a beautiful place in the world!

Speeding past a cute English town

Sitting in the train, its just so nice to look out the window and see the gorgeous green flashes of english grass!

Made it to Swindon! A normal looking train station
My hotel for the next 2 nights – great first impression

I was keen to wander the streets to see what the town was like. I know it was a “bigger: town in terms of a typical Cotswolds village but wasnt sure exactly what I would find

I went walking around the outskirts of the town into the residential areas and it was typical english style, more so smaller town house like apartments and each building a little different from the next

Seen anything like this before? Just some random info for me to remember for later : The Magic Roundabout in Swindon is a ring junction constructed in 1972 consisting of five mini-roundabouts arranged in a circle around a sixth, central circle making it seven roundabouts in total.

QUEENS PARK – a local park nearby to the city centre with a pond full of excited ducks!
So nice to sit and relax out of the city, just chillin, no worries in the world just what im going to feed the ducks with… ill never forget that feeling 🙂
The original names of the pubs always gets me in England, ive never found anywhere else with such interesting and imaginative names
There were SO many pubs scattered all around Swindon, it was hard to keep count!