Rating: 4 out of 5.

I highly recommend Richard & Lucy from “Cotswolds Guided Tours”


A small family run business, they have a few tours to choose from which you can see on their website, gotta get in quick because they guys are booked out a few months ahead

I wanted to see as much of Cotwolds as I could and without being in a big bus (too touristy) or having to catch buses (not regular) or drive myself (roads too narrow) or walk (takes way to long and won’t see as much) so I did some research and out of all the tour companies in the Cotswolds, I found Cotwolds Guided Tours and they ended up being better than what I expected!

I chose to do 2 tours on separate days and paid £42.50 each tour (instead of £45) and there were only 7 people per group which was perfect as we stopped off at many places and had to meet back at the bus

The tours I did were the Cotswolds “Famous” tour and “Hidden Villages” tour.

If you havent been to Cotswolds before I recommend the “Famous” Tour, as the title mentions, stops off at all the famous and most touristy locations that are popular in the Cotswolds (so don’t be shocked by the amount of people there are in these tiny villages)

The Hidden tour…. Ohhh I gotta admit was my favourite… Only because the villages we went to were so tiny and quiet and I hadn’t seen them before so for me this was exactly what I wanted to see!

Side note : I’m going to post separate blog posts about each of the tours in detail later…

This is what I love about supporting the family run businesses… I already would have given a great review even though I got this hand written thank you note and a cute little fluffy sheep as a thank you from Richard and Lucy… How sweet and original is that!