26th May – 28th May
15mins by bus from Moreton in Marsh

Bus 801 – timetable 

Map of Stow.png
Stow on the Wold

This is Stow, its tiny! Ive basically walked around every single street and lane way here in my 2 days

Map wise… (as im a map freak and I speak map talk) its only 15mins south from Moreton in Marsh where I was a few days ago, below is the map of the Cotswolds to give an idea

Cotwolds Map - Stow on the Wold.png

Stow is another quaint and cute Cotswolds village, but his was different from Moreton in Marsh. I had been here once before as a day trip and I did a rush walk around for 30mins, look I know I know, its a small little town and you would expect to have a feel for it already but there really are so many hidden little gems which you only see once you actually stay there and have a good detailed wander around.

Its a small market town and the highest of all the villages in the Cotswolds and sits 800ft above sea level. Its located at a crossroads and was an important trading centre in the past. Also the last battle in 1646 of the English Civil War was fought close by in Donnington so it holds a lot of history.

Stow is also known to have been an Iron Age fort as it is on a defensive position on a hill

Market Square ~ Stow in the Wold

The main market square where its all happening! Constantly busy with locals as well as tourists all throughout the year. All the old buildings have been converted into shops or B&B’s, there are more pubs in this town than people LOL (ok, maybe thats an exaggeration but you know what I mean…)


St Edwards Church, a local 1000 year old church is iconic and mainly for one of its doors which was used as inspiration by JR Tolkein for the “Doors of Durin” the west gate of Moria

Tolkeins door.jpg

Random Fact : Top Gear with Jeremy Clarkson was filmed here


The Porch House is the oldest Inn in England having been here since 947AD, it has the nicest looking rooms ive seen so far in the Cotwolds (or any pub for that matter!) and I spent quite a few hours just drinking beer and reading my book.

IMG_4437 - englands oldest inn

Maugersbury is the next little village, and I mean LITTLE as in there were only 5 houses and a few farmsteads, the weather was getting better and the sun was out, so I went for a Cotswolds stroll


I spoke to a few locals and I think that this village was the primary settlement in this area before Stow on the Wold itself was built on the hill near the fort and to take advantage of the trade route


I never got bored walking along the streets of Stow, I always found a great photo opp or a narrow alley which led to another street on the other side or to a random church yard, loved it!


So proudly English… love it!


An antique store in one of the marketplace buildings, I bought some old coins from here to add to my collection

Can’t go wrong with some British fish and chips!

“Stowe-on-the-Wold, Where the wind blows cold. Where horses young and old are sold, Where farmers come to spend their gold. Where men are fools and women are bold and many a wicked tale is told. High on the freezing Cotswold.”