• Flights – Sydney Airport & Thai Airways
  • TIPS – my top tips for flights
  • Plane’s and airplane food
  • Shots from above


I don’t have much patience with waiting in lines, or waiting in general for that matter, but I just don’t mind when I’m at the airport at the beginning of an adventure! Surprise surprise eh?

Sydney airport… Easy to get to with public transport… But expensive… Paying around $17au for a 1 way ticket to international airport… 4 letters… RORT 😖

Anyways… The airport was not busy at all! I’m so used to it being busy constantly whenever I am there and so this surprised me quite a bit

Note to self : Wednesday is a good day to catch a plane from Sydney

TIP #1

Always check in online 24hrs before if you don’t want to wait in the queue

I showed up and there was a line of around 100 ppl 2.5hrs before the flight! – the bag drop line though was empty as a pelicans nappy, Happy days! Check in & bag drop in 5mins – record time *ding!

The flight

Thai airways – 9hrs

It was basically empty! Had a spare seat next to me which is great for those with long legs!

This was one of the most beautiful scenic take offs I’ve ever seen… The clouds and landscape was just incredible!

Leaving Sydney we got an amazing view of along the coast

Interesting landscape flying over Australia…

TIP #2

If you want to get your meal first… Always choose a different option on the website i.e. vegetarian or vegan and it always comes out first

Thai airways really surprised me with the food, the quality is so much better than before!

But the flight attendant chick refused me when I asked for a little bit extra whiskey on my rocks! Pffftt

The first meal was served really quickly and it was an awesome mix of tomato, grilled eggplant and beans… Got my meal before everyone else but found that I waited until the guy next to me got his then started, early good guilt perhaps? 😂 Enjoyed every bit of it…

The 2nd meal I nearly forgot to take a pic of because I was enjoying it so much! Quinoa and spinach with a mix of walnuts and veggies was also very edible 😜

Flight #2 Menu – TG910 

I gotta say I was SO impressed with these vegetarian meals as well! Beautifully cooked vegetables


My dinner date with Will Smith, dont think he likes vegetables


TIP #3

Seats… If you want to make sure you get some great seats on the plane (and not stuck right next to the stinky toilet) download the app “Seatguru”

This app tells you which seats are good and bad (with comments to help) and you can get an idea of the seating arrangements 🤗 this is only if you really care though, I’ve had some really bad seats previously so I’ve learnt from experience and I always use this app to book my seats

See that lone green seat in the middle aisle below, number 60D. The green means it’s noted as a great seat and luckily I booked it in early… I had a huge amount of leg room as well as an empty seat next to me the whole 12hours… *Ding! Happy as a billy goat nibbling on nuts! The photo below is this exact green seat and the one I sat in on my 2nd flight, I guess this is a good example of where this proactive seat app really works 🙂

btw, if you are interested to know, the space where the seat was meant to be ended up being an emergency exit for the crew sleeping below deck… Learnt a new thing!

Plane seat and map

TIP #4

I always take an empty water bottle with me to the airport and once im through, I fill it up from the water fountain before boarding – this saves me paying stupid amount of money for bottled water and also they never give enough water on board to keep me hydrated, so this kills 2 pigeons with 1 marble! 😉 *ding!

Take your own bottle with you for the plane

TIP #5

So, our flight tickets include the blankets on the plane (this makes me feel better for my next tip anyways… ) depending on what type of holiday you have planned, it could help to take the blanket with you. e.g. I used the plane blanket I took on 3 overnight train rides (each 15hrs +) in India and it saved me from the freezing air con, another time I used it for sleeping overnight at Bangkok Airport, so you just never know where this could come in handy!