Well, thank God we didnt miss our coach to Madrid cos we would be cutting it THIN as we had to catch the Plane home that day…

Listen to this story…

Ok, last day in Santigo, we were taking it easy, we had planned to leave at 8pm to catch the bus from our hostel, its only about 20mins bus ride to the Autobus Estacion, our coach was to leave at 9:45pm (umm, we had checked this over and over again during the day counting the time out on our fingers just to be sure, you know, that maybe the ink might smudge and the time might change, i dont know…we have learnt a BIG lesson from missing our caoch to Barcelona)

Sooooo…we ended up doing our grocery shopping and getting to the hostel 15mins early, so 7:45 walked up the stairs (all 4586.4 of them!) and kocked on the door of the little old ladies hostel to get our bags which were inside…umm, wow, she was taking her time in answering the door…so i thought, you know maybe shes stuck on the toilet or something..so rang the doorbell again…no answer…ok, me first! ill start stressing first! so i started stressing…Anita was laughing a bit but you should have seen the way i sprinted up the stairs to the next little old lady with the hostel…knocked on her door and i must have looked like a freak cos she was like “what what??” and im like flapping my arms trying to demonstrate in my non spanish speaking way that the lady downstairs isnt HOME and my BAGS are STUCK inside her hostel and we have a coach to CATCH to MADRID! wow, i never knew i could communicate so well with my arms cos she so understood what i was saying and went upstairs to the OTHER little old ladies hostel to ask her where the original little old lady was…here we go again…i started flapping my arms and pointing downstairs and both ladies were like “si si si si” (i was asumming they understood me) and shrugged their shoulders and they didnt know where she was…cue Anitas time for stressing, and this girl doesnt usually stress as easy as me, but HELLO…she was downstairs talking to 2 people who had just come out of our hostel and had heard the bell ringing and door knocking over and over again bt of course they didnt open the door..how nice of them!

We were thinking about the best way to knock the door down without breaking the hinges and making the little old lady cry (seriously!) when i heard Anita shout out that the little old lady was coming up the stairs! man oh man, Anita hugged the hell out of this little old lady (i think she now thinks either Aussies are the most friendly species or we are just damn crazy!) it was 8:10

It was 8:30 when we left the hostel (i think we flooded her toilet! so we sprinted outta there) I dont think we left a good inpression about aussies to this poor little old lady, first she gives us the room for the wrong night then we hug her when we see her and leave her toilet blocked when we leave, umm, i think shes probably got a sign outside her hostel saying something like “no kangaroos allowed EVER” great…well, at least we made our coach!

Our hostel and back then no phones so we borrowed anns alarm clockand carried that around

When we came back to Madrid to catch our Plane home, we went to the Mueso El Prado, and boy was i happy i went, it is one of the most popular and important musems in Europe… the paintings were done in the year 1300 – 1800’s and the artists of the time were so talented! not like the artworks that you see nowadays at the art museums, a 2 x 2 metre white canvas with 7 black dots scattered across it, wow, how talented would you have to be to do that?? (cough cough choke CHOKE)…I saw this peice in the National Contemporary museum in Madrid on the same day, seriously, they wasted a good peice of wall for this artwork…i was going to go pluck it off the wall, walk up to the front desk and hand it in…”ummm, pardon, I found a peice of rubbish hanging from your wall, you mind putting it in the bin for me por favor grasies? i couldnt find one big enough to do so myself” It really annoys me seeing crap like that in museums, they use their names to make millions not their talent…(obviously)

Museo El Prado (definatley worth seeing)

artwork 1.JPG
artwork 2.JPG
artwork 3.JPG
artwork 4.JPG
artwork 5.JPG

oh! and went to the National Contemporary art museum and saw the actual Guernica, by Pablo Picasso, this was amazing since I have studied this in highschool and the whole class had to do a project on it, so it was cool to see the original, i had goosebumps!…its HUGE and i took an illegal photo of it (who me?? hehe)…there were 3 guards around and you couldnt get too close to it, 2 security cameras as well, but i got away with it…i dont think i could have survived in an overseas jail with butch women, so im happy I did…


Just chillin around in the shade – we explored the huge city

We found a bull fighting arena (which we didnt agree on so didnt go to any shows)

Madrid train station – it was such a beautiful green station with plants and trees all inside the main terminal

Posted by da Jazz on August 19, 2004