7th-9th August

Well, we left Madrid at 1am and caught the coach to Sevilla, 6 hrs away..the bus was chokkers full and so bumpy, we slept a bit but on and off…not very comfortable actually…hmm, but we got to Sevilla at 7am and went to our hotel, the Derby, dreaming of the comfortable beds, but guess what…check in was at 12!! so we had to walk around the city, half staggering half leaning on each other and mumbling every now and again “ohh, look at that Church” before leaning over to help pick each other up…we went back to the hotel at around 10:30 and i think we looked like a pair of over cooked oven baked potatoes that they let us check in early, woohoo! I had a shower and went to sleep straight away, it was a good change from being in a hostel where there is always noise and people laughing and talking…

2 hrs later we woke up and realised thats our room was located right next to the kitchen or laundry place or something cos all i could hear was the cleaning ladies laughing and banging the trolleys everywhere against our wall and talking all gibberish “lelelee e leeee leloe e eeellleee hola pardona grasia!!!” man, my luck seriously…out of all 75 rooms

The views at night were great too, during the day and night everything changes, one of my fav pics from Seville is this shot of one of the many bridges
its a shame my camera doesnt take better night shots

bridge at night.JPG
bridge at night

This Bridge was built over this river…

sahara libre.JPG

Ill tell you what, these Spanish people know how to siesta! nearly every shop except the tourist shops are closed! seriously, this is a typical open-closing time sign on a shop window “11am-3pm, then 6pm-9pm, if i am washing my dog it will be 11pm” what the?? is it even worth owning a shop here? even the tourist info centre is closed actually, i forgot about that…at least we got a map from the hotel…

me with the horse.JPG
me and senior Ed

We have seen some amazing sights here in Seville, or Sevilla as the Spanish say…the churches are beautiful but the architecture is so different than that of central europe…alot of moroccan influence has been used in nearly all architecture…

church door.JPG
The Church door

cathedral inside.JPG
inside the Cathedral

cathedral inside 2.JPG
again in the Cathedral

We went and saw the Cathedral which was absolutley immaculate, it is the 3rd largest Cathedral in the world and is so unbelievable huge that I couldnt fit it into my camera, so i just too one bit of it, oh well, it will do…

the main Cathedral in the city centre

we walked up to the Bell Tower, 38 floors high, lucky there werent any stairs, all ramps leading up to the sky…it was a good walk up and the scenery was so worth it, took many photos of the Seville skyline and pushed a lot of (spanish) tourists out of the way for some good pics…

cathedral from top.JPG
view from the tower

its interesting, about 95% of tourists we have noticed are all spanish, not much english happening here peoples…get with the program..ive said “soa youa speaka englisha?” so many times i might as well print it on my forehead to save myself some energy..sheesh…so, saw the amazing cathedral (oh and we bumped into the same american dude we saw in madrid, weird) the main bit is supported by 40 columns and used to be an Islamic Mosque until it was changed in 1248 and became a Christian building, this was the biggest stage of its growth ever…and the most beautiful, there was a lot of change done once converted and is now one of the most beautiful structures in Sevilla.

cathedral doorway.JPG
doorway out to the streets of Seville from the Cathedral

cathedral statue with pidge.JPG
I thought this picture was great, the pigeon sitting on the statues head!

We walked towards the Maria gardens which was beautiful as well, took some nice photos and walked towards the other sites we saw on the map..and again NOTHING WAS OPEN! no shops no restaurants, only really touristy things and it was so annoying, dont ever go anywhere in Spain on a weekend, very very annoying i tell you…might as well take your sleeping bag and join them on the kerb infront of their shop windows..babamjan…

While walking around we came upon a bunch of people in a Plaza, there was a young group of boys break dancing, it was so great to watch!! they were young and very agile and were made of plastic I think…I took a photo (geez really?)

break dancing.JPG
breakdancing geeks

We went and saw the bull fighting stadium here as well, it was pretty but not as big as the Madrid one

bull fighting stadium.JPG
Bullfighting stadium

We were to get ready to catch the bus to Malaga the next day, it was a 2.5 hr ride and we slept early, the hotel charged us 15euros for breakfast which we werent happy with cos it wasnt worth much at all, then they started laughing at us cos we told them we thought breakfast was included, nice…im starting to like the Spanish giggle very much…(pfft)

relaxing on our balcony.JPG
relaxing on our balcony at our Hotel Derby

The good thing about the hotel was that there is a top bit which is like a balcony and there were nice deckchairs and we decided to sit and relax a bit, was sooooo nice, i wrote in my journal and yoddeled to some spanish boys down below, they looked bored so i decided to spice up their day a bit… haha they looked up and i quickly pretended to not know who did the yoddel but ahem… in the end, got a pic of them as i was tryng to take a pic of the skyline instead, but while i was trying to do so, all i could hear was faint shouts of “photooo photooo photooo” that i had to take a shot…

the 4 spanish boys