July 31st 2019

Lelelelelelelele!! We are in Yerevan!
And do you know how I know?

  1. A driver shows up to pick us up at the airport who we didn’t order but insists we had
  2. The driver we had actually ordered, doesn’t show up
  3. The driver that did show up without being ordered gets pissed off at us (because we called him out for trying to overcharge) and storms out of the airport in a huff
  4. We eventually get into a cab where the driver pulls out his phone and starts to scroll through photos of Armenia while driving trying to upsell a daytrip to Lake Sevan
  5. The same driver nearly crashes into another car and they drive alongside each other down the highway having a full blown Armenian screaming match
  6. Driver drops us off and gets out of the cab WITHOUT putting the handbrake on… Car slowly rolls down the hill with us in it
  7. Driver jumps into the car eventually stops it with the handbrake, we get out (we didn’t want to stay in that car any longer) at another hotel called PARIS hotel which ended up being around the corner from our actual hotel, so we walked around at 2am trying to find our booked hotel
  8. The hotel we were meant to be staying at “ran out” of twin rooms (I had booked ages ago)
  9. Got an upgrade (phew)…. BUT its at ANOTHER hotel… This other hotel was… (wait for it…) PARIS hotel
  10. Drag our bags all the way around again to our starting point where we nearly rolled down the street …
  11. 3:30am make it to bed

😳🤣 Gosh I love Armenia 👌🏼😁😂🤦🏻‍♀️