Schwerin ~ a city surrounded by lakes

This beautiful & unique city is the capital and the oldest and 2nd largest city of the Mecklenburg-vorpommern state and established as early as 1062

Population = 95,668 approx

Schwerin is surrounded by lakes and in the 11th c. There was a settlement of Slavic peoples, Henry the Lion defeated this tribe and the town then became a regional centre and a castle was built on the island which became a ducal palace

Schwerin is a cute little place surrounded by lakes so every where you look its beautiful water scenes

side note – we are choosing autobahns just because… German autobahn driving is the best!

The smaller roads are much more beautiful to drive through but are obviously much more narrow and slower speeds usually around 50ks even 30ks so you pass by cute little villages but you pay with time…

So, back to the autobahns… Roads and tunnels are great, nicely paved and sign posted like there is no tomorrow! And best thing is that they are FREE! We would have racked up close to $600au so far with how much we have driven if we were to pay the same tolls as in Sydney, saying that, Germans do pay a lot to get their licenses compared to what we do but still.

Only truck drivers are charged for using the autobahns, no one else pays a thing There is a small joke going on with the Germans where they laugh and say that they are the nation with the most road signs, it was that bad that the government did something about it and retract some of the signs which are now obsolete

Changing from one autobahn to the next is made so easy by the huge exits, we are warned about them 1000m in advance and then 3 sets of signs let you know 300, 200 and 100m to go to the exit and its a smooth flow directly onto the next autobahn, gold! Im going to do a seperate blog on the autobahns here with signs etc, I want to remember it… Ohhh… and nearly forgot the fact that in some sections you can go as fast as you want!

Breakfast in the van

Its so easy to just stop the van and cook up something to eat on the spot! Breakfast on the go

Our camping spot in Schwerin

We stopped at our camping ground which ended up being a cute little spot right next to the water and around 3km away from the city centre

The park had everything we needed for the camper van, fresh water, waste water discharge area and electricity along with the beautiful views so we decided to stay for 2 nights instead

Walking to the castle was beautiful on its own, took around 40mins

Schwerin Castle

Construction of this palace began in 1500 ontop of the original castle that was here and it was to be the residence of the Dukes due to the importance of its location

Today its home to the state parliament (lucky sods who sit on their ass doing nothing I bet and they have too location and views 🤫😛)

Looking out the window from the castle, there is a wedding ceremony in the gorgeous gardens

Inside the castle each room was more beautiful than the next! It mainly had a beautiful renaissance feel to it. You can see that no expense has been spared with the renovation and additions. Major parts of the building were.built between 1845 and 1857

I heard that it is on theiat to become a worls. Heritage site because of how beautiful it is

You really need to take a 360 walk around the castle to see the different types of construction periods that have been meshed into one beautiful mess that just seems to work so well and make this place one in a mill…

The city from the castle grounds

My drone shot of the castle and Schwerin town

We deserved this break! Custard and fruit tarts

The city centre had many of the streets blocked off from the cars and was just for bikes and people. Shopping is everywhere! Clothes galore and Schwerin had many bakeries

Stopped off at a pub and had some beer. Any type of beer we seem to try in Germany is just so damn good!

Again, many churches in this city and I really take the chance to have a good look around as there are many details that take my breath away.. I love churches for their unique design and architecture, so much time, money and effort have been put into creating and building these places of worship

Again, unique colourful designs on the buildings here

Steps 20,435
21 & 22 June 2018

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