Introducing you… to our German Campervan!

Oh mein Gott!!!

This is the latest brand new version of the Dethlefts Trend 7057 motorhome… Literally… It’s at 0 KMs when we picked it up… I have researched so many hours of my life about campervans and compared and I never found an automatic as all of Europe basically use manual transmission and it’s cheaper but we were Soooooo lucky to have got the only auto in the place! the guy was apologising to us.. we were so happy as I had to learn manual the last couple of months before I left… Pack in right in last minute lol

Here is a quick intro to our van from the outside… Sorry, I sound really excited… It’s cos… I am! 😂

Just to add… This is our first dinner in our RV 🙂

And the sunset at 10:30pm was just so pretty…

It’s amazing to drive in Germany, the roads are made for campervans and we are learning so much as we go along! Luckily I have all these apps and did a bit of research before hand learning about the road rules and the campervan spots…

4 thoughts on “Introducing you… to our German Campervan!

  1. Of course you should be excited Jazz ! I wish I was in that camper van too !!! Sounds soooo exciting to be travelling in it.. Enjoy heaps and give a kiss to your Mum from me !

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