Such good memories… It’s like I never left the place… Thank you to all my friends who met up with me while I have been in London, I feel I have left a piece of my heart in London for good… This place will always play a part in my life with you guys included

Phaedra and Rob… Thanks for coming to the the wedding with me 😂 Thanks for the laughs and the dances and the too many drinks… Can’t forget the crazy royal masks THANKS ROB! which got us so many stares! It was great seeing you again 💕


Vahe and Zaven and Juliana… So good to see you guys! Had some great laughs and was awesome to hang out and chat

Went out in Clapham to a funky little bar which turned into a night club of sorts… cool place, even better company

Vee, always love seeing you, miss living in the same city as you my friend, we always seem to get up to some sort of mis”chief” ! get it? LOL

Lovely chatting to you Charle and if it wasnt for you I would never have become involved to the level of refereeing that I did in London… and becoming a National Referee in England! I had some AMAZING basketball and refereeing experiences… Thank you again 🙂 great catching up with you!


My Moroccan friends! How much did we laugh on the High Tea bus, I dont even remember where we went on that route! LOL loved the chat over the many cakes


Ani & Manit & little Lucas… so lovely to have lunch with you and see you guys again… thanks for taking the time, it was great to catch up! xox


Ani, Phaed and Zoe, had a blast hanging out in China Town and Leicester Square, what a night! so many people around, the place was packed!

My friends at Graphic Impressions… I was lucky enough to have worked here while I lived in London. I was so happy to be able to retrace my steps back to my old place of work…  Its like I never left! So good to see you Adeeb and Andrew! (p.s. whats with your tounge LOL)  Shame to have missed Katie and Steve though 😦 another time!

Phaedra, special mention to you my friend and to your awesome mum (my 2nd mum) for letting me stay at yours and for the lovely meze which was just amazing! 🙂


… and this is just the entree!

Oh and cant forget Simba now can we Phaed?


There are so many people I wanted to see but I just wasnt in London enough, im so sorry if I missed out on seeing anyone else, but I WILL be back soon 😀